Bull by the Horns: Chapter Five

Alexander Martin
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Chapter Five: The Dinner Date

Things around the house went from good to worse or better in some cases. Chelsea went from wearing her usual pants or sun dresses to short shorts and short skirts. Showing off her thick legs, cellulite and all.

My gym friends called those types of legs cottage cheese sticks, but I no longer saw her that way. It was beginning to be a turn-on.

When Chelsea sat down and slightly bent over, her huge boobs would squash against her thighs. I had never seen or heard of boobs that big. Watching them sway and bounce as she walked around the house was terrific.

“Remember tomorrow,” Chelsea said as I was leaving for work.

She was standing in her bedroom doorway in nothing but a long shirt. Her thick thighs and legs were open for me to see, and the outline of her massive boobs could be seen through the thin material.

“I remember,” I nodded as I opened the door.

“I highly doubt it,” Leia said.

I told her about the past two weeks. Leia was more open-minded about things than the guys I talked to at the gym and my fellow bouncer friends.

So, I told her many things, including my new crush on Rick’s mum.

“She probably feels more comfortable around you now,” Leia shrugged. “It’s hard for some people to feel comfortable about their bodies around certain people. Especially someone like you.”

“Me?” I smiled. “Why me?”

“Look at you,” Leia said as she stared at me. “You have great skin, you work out and it shows, even in this dark lit place anyone can tell you eat right and stay healthy,” Leia smiled as she looked me up and down.

“It probably takes you a few hours to get ready just to come to work and you always smell good. If you were a female, I would hit on you,” Leia nodded.

This conversation made me smile, as Leia would be someone I would usually hit on as well.

She wasn’t a health nut like me, but she wasn’t curvy or chubby. She was what I would call lean, as she might eat right or do a workout here and there to stop from gaining weight.

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