Bull by the Horns: Chapter Four

Alexander Martin
11 min readApr 23
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Chapter Four: Change of Heart

Well, that happened. For weeks I couldn’t get that image of Chelsea being nailed by that black guy with the giant dick. It plagued me in my sleep and at work. I couldn’t get it out of my head.

Even at work, the thought of Chelsea was with me. I found myself looking at big girls, those who came to the club with their skinny or in-shape friends, or the large crowd of big girls who came to party together.

I usually never paid them any attention as they were not my type, but seeing them on the dance floor made me think of Chelsea. How their bodies moved reminded me of how Chelsea’s body smacked against his body.

Tonight, I was watching this chubby woman with her boyfriend dancing. Both without a care in the world. I watched as her body bounced and shook against him. How her large breasts bounced and swayed, and her enormous ass smacked against her boyfriend was like that night again.

“Thought you weren’t into the chubby girls,” Leia asked from behind the bar.

I was sitting at the bar, and I guess Leia caught me staring.

“I’m not,” I said, facing her.

“The look on your face a few moments ago says otherwise,” Leia said.

Even the other women that I used to look at didn’t phase me anymore. I didn’t even pay attention to Nadine, or anyone like her. Not that I had to. Nadine told everyone she was pregnant. I was right; the poor bastard went in without protection, his problem, not mine.

“Guess you caught me,” I nodded.

“Definitely,” Leia said. “So, what gives? You used to make fun of the chubby chasers.”

Leia was a full-blown Lesbian, or as she put it, anti-men.

A few years back, she got into it hard with one of her exes, which ended up in court. Even after the divorce, they still had altercations that got the police involved many times. It ended with a full-out physical confrontation. Since that, she had gone entirely to the other side.

“Can’t say,” I said, shaking my head.

I couldn’t tell her I saw my friend’s mom fucking some black guy as I watched from the window. Just saying it inside my head…

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