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Best Friend’s Girl Chapter Five: The Aftermath

The fallout has begun. What about Chris? What is he feeling after their betrayal? Or did he betray them?

Alexander Martin
20 min readMay 5


Chris sat on the floor just outside the door of his new job. He flicked the cigarette he had just finished into the far corner of the parking lot, took a deep breath, and returned inside. The mailroom was as busy as he had left it.

“Finally, back from your break, huh?” His boss shouted at him when he came back inside; Chris hated him. He wanted to punch the small fat man in the face every day.

“Nope, just came in to make sure you had not eaten everybody,” Chris whispered.

“What was that wise ass?” the boss said.

Chris nearly repeated it, but he decided not to. Martin had put his reputation on the line to get Chris this job, and Chris needed it to pay his bills.

“Nothing,” Chris muttered.

“Good. Now take load twenty, up to the legal department,” he said, pointing to one of the large carts.

“What?” Chris said.

Chris looked at the large cart with the number twenty written on the side. The cart was filled with mail bags, ranging from small to extra-large.

“My time is up at five. It will take me until seven to get through all that,” Chris said.

“Last time I checked you told me you needed the extra hours?” the boss said. “Anybody needs…” he began to speak to the rest of the room.

“I’ll do it,” Chris muttered.

Chris grabbed the cart and then pushed it toward the elevator. Chris looked back at his fat boss and gave him the finger as the door closed. As the elevator went up, he began thinking about how things got the way they were.

It had been his evident fault. He had always been the root of most of his problems. He had a knack for messing things up. He had gotten into a fight with a bunch of older kids back in high school. That was how he had met Martin.

Martin had bailed him out of more jams than he could count. Even after Chris’s treatment, he was still looking out for him. After the incident at the apartment, Martin had come…



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