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Best Friend’s Girl Chapter Four: The Act

Alexander Martin
19 min readMay 5

What happens next? After everything that has happened? What should they do?

It was moments to ten when I finally decided on a black shirt that was very tight.

I wasn’t one of those guys putting those shirts on and had their stomachs out. I looked good excellent in tight shirts. I also choose black jeans, with black sneakers.

Looking in the mirror one more time. I thought I looked damn good.

There was a knock on the door. Looking over at the time. I realized I had spent more time getting dressed than any guy should.

When I looked over at my bed, there were clothes everywhere. I didn’t particularly appreciate how they looked spread all over it. I quickly scooped them up in both hands, opened the walk-in closet, and threw them in.

I looked around to ensure there was no other sign that I had been a nervous wreck for the past four hours. Satisfied, I ran downstairs.

“Hey, was beginning to think you were not going to answer,” Roxy said.

She was wearing a mini dress. The skirt part stopped just about mid-thigh, and the red stripe ran down both sides of the black dress. She was wearing a black blazer over the top, but I knew a keyhole-shaped opening was right at chest level.

Part of me wished she would keep that blazer on all night; another wanted to see what was under it.

“Nah was just trying to get a few more kills in on the game,” I said, lying through my teeth as I locked the door.

“Ah!” Roxy said as she walked towards a green sports car. “Charlie is waiting for us.”

“Fun,” I said sarcastically as I walked towards the car.

Roxy opened the door and got into the back seat. I glanced at her thighs as she pulled the passenger seat back. Then I got into the front.

“Hey what’s up?” Charlie said from the driver’s seat.

I recognized him from her workplace. Small frame, brown hair, bright blonde highlights. She must have a thing for blonde guys, I thought to myself.

“Hey,” I replied as we pulled away.

Alexander Martin

I like to write detailed erotic stories. I love to tell a story of how, when and where.