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Life’s Lessons Chapter Three: Family Ties

We can’t choose our family, or what they believe.

Alexander Martin
15 min readOct 17, 2022


The news of Lisa retiring hit Jeff harder than expected. What even hit him harder was that she had a boyfriend or soon-to-be husband. That was a shock for most of our followers. None expected that we might have significant others who shared us with others.

I knew of many women in this lifestyle who had husbands or wives. Never showing their others in pictures or mentioning them online because, without a doubt, their number of followers would take a nosedive when the news came out.

The pictures from the party were a big hit. Of course, we couldn’t share anything other than the pictures of us, always leaving out the person with the cock that was fucking us.

All they caught was the glimpse of a body and their cocks, but that was all they needed to get their rocks off.

The picture with the most comments and likes was the one with two cocks inside me. I thought it would have been the reverse tit fuck, with me licking one of the guys’ asses. I forgot which one, but that kind of video was usually a good seller.

“Hawaii,” Anna said as she gave me the paper.

I sat up on the couch as I read it. It was the standard agreement clause, nothing on it was out of the ordinary.

I signed it, and Anna gave me my routine appointment to see the doctor or practitioner, as he liked to be called, so that they could send a clean bill of health to the party hosts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Carla,” my doctor said as I entered his office.

He was one of the few that knew my real name.

“Steven,” I said.

“Where to this time?” he asked as I got undressed.

“Hawaii,” I responded excitedly.

Steven nodded his approval as he got down to doing his usual check-up.

Hawaii was a month away, with just enough time to prepare everything.

I took some downtime to myself in between large bookings. To get myself ready.



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